Friday, June 11, 2010

Glest Community Development Monthly - Issue 30

Welcome to the thirtieth issue of Glest Community Development. Below you will find events I have recorded over the last month from the forum (usually for things that can be downloaded or a screenshot of progress), GAE SVN, mailing list and bug tracker. Thanks go to the people who have been busy improving Glest with patches, mods and providing support. :)

NOTE: the dates are only approximations. Please post any corrections, suggestions, or additions.

The next issue is scheduled for 11 July 2010.

GAE Bug Tracker fixes: 
MegaGlest project/tracker:  | Another link

General Announcements:
- Welcome back to Glest Network.
- Hailstone has some free time to work on GAE.
- Testing out the blog. I think in the future I'll just announce it on the blog.

2010 (May - June)
11 June
- Softcoder announces MegaGlest 3.3.5beta1. IRC, 
- Hypercube makes concept art. 
10 June
- Trappin completes Beta of Meadow tileset. 
- ChupaReaper shows update to Malevolent Rising. 
09 June
- Titi shows update to Dark Magic. 
08 June
- Softcoder updates MegaGlest. 
- Little Helper uploads models. 
- Wyvern shows new pup model. 
07 June
- Wyvern, Little Helper and HyperCube do a model dump.
06 June
- Silnarm applied Zaggy1024's patch. 
03 June
- Wyvern shows destroyer modoel. 
- John.d.h shows model. 
01 June
- Mjace72 uploads The Death Tub map. 
31 May
- Omega releases Military tech tree. 
- Gabrielle, Gabbe shows model. 
30 May
- Mjace72 makes squared circle map. 
- Wyvern uploads models. 
- Samuelst gives French translation. 
29 May
- ElimiNator shows mortar. 
28 May
- Silnarm releases GAE 0.2.13a. 
- Gabriel, Gabbe uploads ant. 
27 May
- Emscape makes 2aboniation map. 
- Silnarm adds SSE2 support for model interpolation. GAE SVN rev616
25 May
- Mjace72 makes battlegrounds map. 
- Tetzank gets freetype working through physfs. GAE SVN rev615
24 May
- Little Helper shows models. 
- Silnarm adds new GUI widgets and freetype fonts to GAE. GAE SVN rev613
22 May
- Trappin makes Burnt Earth map. 
20 May
- Mjace72 uploads warland. 
19 May
- Gabriel, Gabbe releases model pack. 
18 May
- Gabriel, Gabbe shows Rebel Tech Robotics. 
17 May
- Jda announces found source of bug. 
16 May
- Gabriel, Gabbe shows phoenix model. 
15 May
- Josepzin announces Glest Total War blog. 
- Jda shows progress of Dragon Slayer. 
14 May
- Trappin makes Glest Meadow tileset. 
- Weedkiller shows concept art for ORCS. 
- Seanachaidh shows Medium Infantry. 
- ZaggyDad gives download for New Configurator. 
12 May
- Cds makes attackonly scenario. 
11 May
- Hailstone posts GCD 29. 


  1. I think it would be much easier on the eye for you to have posted these as a list of links rather than a list of descriptions and urls.

    - Cds makes attackonly scenario
    - Hailstone posts GCD 29

  2. Well yeah, but that takes more time... :/

  3. Charlie: done!

    ultifd: collavorative work :P

  4. Thanks José. I'm thinking I could write a script to automate the process. I should have thought of doing it before. Thanks again.

  5. @hailstone: dont worry, it takes me about 5 - 10 min...

    Select link > ctrl+C > select text > "Link" button click > ctrl+V > Enter > repeat :p

    But if you can do a robot that works for us, better! :P

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    Thanks to you all guys for creating such a good games.