Sunday, July 11, 2010

Glest Community Development Monthly - Issue 31

Welcome to the thirty-first issue of Glest Community Development. Below you will find events I have recorded over the last month from the forum (usually for things that can be downloaded or a screenshot of progress), GAE SVN, mailing list and bug tracker. Thanks go to the people who have been busy improving Glest with patches, mods and providing support. :)

NOTE: the dates are only approximations. Please post any corrections, suggestions, or additions.

Additions are more likely to be added to this list if it uses the same format I have used.

day Month
- Poster does something. link/reference

Note the capital letter for the poster and 0 is in front for single digit day numbers.

The next issue is scheduled for 11 August 2010.

GAE Bug Tracker fixes
MegaGlest project/tracker

General Announcements:
- I created a script to format this better for the blog.

2010 (June - July)
11 July
- Silnarm fixes AI bugs in GAE. GAE SVN r680
09 July
- Hairy cat makes another map.
- Tiger updates Whimsical Forest Theme.
08 July
- Hairy cat makes down vs up map.
- Hairy cat makes a map.
- Softcoder releases MegaGlest alpha.
07 July
- ChupaReaper uploads Necribus.
06 July
- ChupaReaper splits up Malevolent Rising download.
- Weedkiller posts concept art.
04 July
- Softcoder releases MegaGlest 3.3.5.
- Coldfusionstorm updates GIS.
03 July
- Tiger makes music pack.
- -Archmage- makes a humanoid exosuit model.
1 July
- Hailstone uploads a snapshot binary for carrier/transport units in GAE.
30 June
- ChupaReaper releases Malevolent Rising v1.0.
29 June
- ChupaReaper shows update of Malevolent Rising.
- Omega works on Glestimals.
27 June
- ChupaReaper updates Malevolent Rising.
- Titi makes 6isle map.
- Titi makes 4hill8kings map.
26 June
- Wciow updated Glestimals link.
24 June
- Titi makes 3vs1 map.
21 June
- Trappin makes Riptide map.
- ChupaReaper shows Malevolent Rising units.
20 June
- John.d.h shows tech tree for Dragon faction.
- John.d.h finishes spider Glestimal.
19 June
- Trappin makes Route 66 map.
18 June
- Omega gives changes for Military tech tree.
- ChupaReaper gives another update.
- ChupaReaper shows Necribus Faction.
- Hailstone shows work on carrier units.
16 June
- Zothrus shows model for Crincillin mod.
- John.d.h uploads quad armature.
15 June
- Wciow shows experiments of ground textures.
- Wyvern uploads aamissile launcher.
- John.d.h posts tech tree diagram for Dragon faction.
14 June
- Gabbe shows Amazons model.
- HyperCube shows model.
- Silnarm releases GAE 0.2.13a for Windows.
- Ultifd announces MegaGlest 3.3.5-beta5.
12 June
- Little Helper is going on vacation.
11 June
- ChupaReaper updates Malevolent Rising.
- Hailstone posts GCD 30.

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