Saturday, May 15, 2010

New mod: Malevolent Rising (MRise)

What is Malevolent Rising (MRise)?

MRise is inspired by many games, but mainly: Doom (Doom models and animation will be included in this project), Stronghold Legends (I love werewolves lol), Rise of Legends, old games like Konung, Lords of Magic, Hexen and others.

Aiming for five detailed factions: Necribus (Werewolf and Satyr), Hyperion (Jotun [half-giants] and Angel), Gians (Dryad and Shapeshifter), The Damned (Scourge [half-ghosts] and Vampire) and Vestirus (Aquaparien [inspired by elder scrolls argonian] and Khajiit [as from elder scrolls too]).

So that's 2 races per faction. Each race (so twice per faction) will have their own Barracks for light troops and heavy troops, an element spire for magical troops and a draconic shrine for dragons (dragons will be worked on later once all factions are fully functional with standard units and magic units). I also intend to add some hero units in later, at least one per race (so two per faction).

The player will be able to play each faction in favour of one of the faction's races through upgrades and GAE subfactions.

More info:;topicseen

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