Saturday, May 15, 2010

New mod: Glest Total War

Author: njam2
i am making a glest mod that makes it easy to make an army and fight with out building a bunch of stuff.

controlling more units: okay this was kine of hard but i did it! in Blender 3d i made each unit have two units like you control two at a time. so you have 10 units it would look like you have 20.

kines of units: i only have 2 kines of units, a Knight and a Spearman... knights are better but they cost more.

how to show you: i don't know how to take snapshots during the game if anyone could help me, then that would be good.

i don't know another kine of unit i could make.. i was thinking two handed sword men and they would be greater then knights but idk.  

More info:


  1. Alt + prnt scrn to take a screen shot

  2. mod looks fun, when will you release it?

  3. For news, go to the forum: :)