Friday, May 27, 2011

MegaGlest 3.5.2 Released!

MegaGlest 3.5.2 Released 5/26/11!



  • Lots of work to make MegaGlest a Linux distro friendly package (Debian, Arch, etc)
  • Added Support for Russian and Ukrainian with proper fonts in Linux if installed.
  • Map editor now supports diagonal flipping
  • Windows users now have a shortcut to the mod folder in their MegaGlest programs Menu.
  • Bug fixes including:
  • Fix corrupted g3d viewer screenshots, and automatic screenshot mode does not steal focus for Linux users
  • - Proper network disconnect detection when connection drops in an abnormal way
  • - Avoid crash when user has no soundcard installed
  • - Better video handling for buggy opengl drivers that don't properly handle non power of two textures
  • - Better support for non ASCII file paths (like Japanese, etc) for international users and Unicode enabled parts of the code
  • Much better pathfinder performance
  • Allow servers to temporary block specified network players from the game lobby
  • Better Linux distro packaing support (by default megaglest works in standard linux paths and make install added)
  • Game data cleanup (duplicate sound files have been merged in megapack) and non free content replaced.
  • (autumn and desert tilesets)
  • Displayed up to 15 queued commands (observers can view all players queued commands)
  • - Allow factions in a techtree to share common data using the special tag in xml files $COMMONDATAPATH
  • which points to the techtrees commondata/ folder.
  • standardized games and tools startup scripts with names starting with 'startup_'
  • updated translations for German, Italian and French
  • bugfixes reported in 3.5.0
  • AI enhancements (better repair, and safer build positions)
  • Improved network code, fixes some out of synch issues.
  • Display players svn revision# in network game lobby
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