Saturday, April 23, 2011

MegaGlest 3.5.0 Release

- Menu changes to better group similar items
- Added Blender related tools in blender sub folder
- Modified binary and script names for Linux builds to avoid conflicts with original glest
- Added preview info in mod menu, scenario menu and tutorials
- End game stats have more info now
- Added more validations for modders for techtrees and scenarios (commandline options)
- Bugfix for OpenAL (now works in v 1.13)
- Updates to Romans faction
- Network messages generated by the game are now displayed in the local users selected language
- Support for custom credits (add the file data/core/menu/credits.txt)
- More AI player improvements
- Default screenshot format is now jpg (configurable in options menu)
- Fixed some performance problems with 'stuck' units
- improved resource selection
- performance improvements, now make it possible to play with more units and slower hardware than before.
- new maps with cliffs and higher terrain
- support for sending 7z tilesets and techtrees over network
- new game mod management console to download new game content or remove existing mod content
- multi-threaded pathfinding for better performance when many units are moving
- CPU AI player improvements (units get unstuck more often and stationary air units attack more efficiently)
- new tileset and resource particle support.
- added jpg screenshot support
- optional compressed GPU texture support
- improved harvesting and resource selection
- better support for multiple platform compiling
- Modifiable keyboard hotkeys
- bugfixes for map editor and g3d viewer to work more stable on multiple platforms
- LSB conform ".megaglest" usage

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