Sunday, October 10, 2010

Mega Glest 3.3.7 release

  • Significant game play performance improvements.
  • Added support for FreeBSD (thanks m0ellemeister) and Mac OS X (thanks GeoVah)!
  • Players can now tell multiple units to build a new unit all at the same time (multi-build)
  • Particle and Transparency improvements
  • Map Preview in game lobby
  • Added ability to pick a random faction in the game lobby
  • Added ability to be a non-player and Observe a network game (becoming an Observer)
  • Added ability to change playername in game lobby
  • Added new map filter (to display maps with x players)
  • AI Player improvements
  • Added new LUA functions and events (see wiki for details).
  • Added numerous new commandline options (use --help to see a detailed list)
  • Improved network performance
  • Masterserver PHP scripts will now run on a Microsoft Windows Server
  • Added ability to move / size UI components in a custom manner
  • Many bugfixes.
Downloads and information: Glest forum
News on russian gamedev site:


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