Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Japanese Faction Mod

Hagekura is making making a japanese faction for Glest, it is intended for work with all variations of Glest (Vanilla Glest, GAE, Megaglest).

The mod is based on historical 16~17th century japan(there will be no-fantasy units). At the time Japan was under a civil war and the era was known for "SENGOKU JIDAI (era of warring states)".
Large variety of units will be included in this mod.such as ashigaru(conscripted spearman), archer, arquebuser, swordsman, armoured samurai, mounted samurai, cannon, warrior monks and ninjas Grin.along with many japanese traditional style buildings.

Currently it is done 70% of units and buildings.

More info: Glest forum


  1. looks awesome!
    wish, megaglest would run on my old pc :(

  2. Hey anon! this mod will be able to run on all Glests. :)