Tuesday, February 1, 2011

MegaGlest 3.4.0 Released!

MegaGlest 3.4.0 released 2/1/11!
Downloads here: http://megaglest.org/download.html
If you want to play a multiplayer game or you need help, join the #Glest IRC Channel on freenode.


- new attack alarms use visual and audio cues to indicate when and where you or your team are under attack
- new auto router configuration for Internet hosted games will auto port forward (for UPNP enabled routers)
- new network file transfer system current allows servers to send missing maps and tilesets to clients
- new IRC client built into the Internet lobby (uses freenode's megaglest-lobby channel)
- improved sound handling for better stability and smoother game play
- CPU AI players now can have their resource multiplier manually changed
- new fog of war setting allows showing resources on the map at game start (thanks GAE team)
- many new commandline options (try --help to see)
- texture compression for video cards that support it
- improved AI players are much harder to defeat
- new Romans_beta faction in megapack
- new language translations
- new tilesets, maps, scenarios and tutorials
- G3D Viewer enhancements including PNG screenshots with alpha transparency option
- performance improvements for both rendering and network play
- FreeBSD support has been added in this release
- bugfixes discovered in

Changelog for older version:

- Significant game play performance improvements.
- Added support for FreeBSD (thanks m0ellemeister) and Mac OS X (thanks GeoVah)!
- Players can now tell multiple units to build a new unit all at the same time (multi-build)
- Particle and Transparency improvements
- Map Preview in game lobby
- Added ability to pick a random faction in the game lobby
- Added ability to be a non-player and Observe a network game (becoming an Observer)
- Added ability to change playername in game lobby
- Added new map filter (to display maps with x players)
- AI Player improvements
- Added new LUA functions and events (see wiki for details).
- Added numerous new commandline options (use --help to see a detailed list)
- Improved network performance
- Masterserver PHP scripts will now run on a Microsoft Windows Server
- Added ability to move / size UI components in a custom manner
- Many bugfixes.

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