Saturday, November 6, 2010

Military Tech Tree

Military is a free game mod using the Glest Advanced Engine. It boasts powerful graphics, easy playability, and varying difficulties. Based upon the future, Military will leave you revitalized and wanting more!

Many years in the future, in the 2030 era, things are peaceful. Or for the most part, that is. However, not everyone want peace. Some would seek to use distruction and mayhem, threatening the world's balance. Thus, we must fight against these murderers, seeking for eternal peace, someday... Over time, technology has changed in some ways. New resources exist, and populations soar. Weapons have changed little over the past 30 years. Sure, they have grown faster, more powerful, more dangerous, but the basic style has been preserved.

Even if we defeat those who seek to destroy our planet, another will step forward to take their place. So why do we fight? Why throw away the lives of our soldiers like we would to a rabid dog? Simple, we fight to protect those who cannot protect themselves. We fight for the good of others, with an eternal dream of peace. We most likely will not live to see that day, but we fight so that our children and grandchildren may have better luck than you.

, is what Military is.

More info: Glest forum


  1. nice! the tanks seems much more detailed that the rest and have a different color, but it's cool that you add non-fantasy themes!

  2. Where is the DOWNLOAD LINK at man? The screenshots look nice but I am just wondering where the DOWNLOAD LINK is.

  3. qubodup: go to the Glest Forum >